• Can anyone point me to a guide in switching default port to eth1 from eth0?

  • Developer

    Assuming that the new card is working, ie ifconfig shows eth1 as the network interface, and you can ping successfully from the box, and ping it from others, there is no need to reinstall, from what I remember you need to go into fog settings, and change the instances of eth0 to eth1, and then go into the storage node settings, and again change eth0 to eth1.
    Thia worked at 0.32 and I don’t think it will be any different at .33

  • Developer

    what you need to change depends on exactly how you had the server configured. you will not need to make any changes to the way that ipxe operates. running the installer again will update the software with your previously chosen settings, and i don’t think it will solve your problem.

  • Both.

    Integrated card was eth0 an old 10/100 card… new card installed.

    By rerunning the initial configuration wizard, it should keep the old images intact?

  • Developer

    for the server, or the net address reported by ipxe to the server?