TFTP/fog Directory - Images etc

  • Hi All

    I am using the fog 1.01 on Ubuntu successfully. I am trying to do two things following the guides in the WIKI.

    1. Customise the PXE Graphics
    2. Add some custom ISO images to boot off.

    For task 1. I have been reading this guide on the WIKI [url][/url]
    And for task 2. I reviewed this guide

    This issue I have is, both guides refer to file in the /tftp/fog directory, this directory doesn’t exist
    screen shot below:


    Now my system works so I though the files must have been relocated in recent releases.

    My Foo is failing doing a find on my system does not turn up those files.

    Could someone point me in the direction of a updated guide or the location of the files i’m looking for?

    Thank you for your time.



  • Developer

    Well… This is Fog 1.0.1 We haven’t had time to write new wiki articles regarding adding items to the iPXE system. But this guide will not work for you. We no longer serve from the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file, so these settings will not work for you.

    We also upgraded the system from pxe to ipxe, thus the commands listed on this wiki will not work for you.

    Instead, please take a look here -> [url][/url]

    This will assist you in creating a custom menu on the new ipxe system.

    As far as changing your graphics, I will assume you mean the back ground image? If that is the case, everything is served from your /var/www/fog/service/ipxe you will want to edit the background.png image there.

    please note if you are on ubuntu 14+ you need to look in /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe