CentOS 6.5 and FOG 1.0.1 Install Problem

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to get FOG 1.0.1 to install on CentOS 6.5 and it will not complete the installation.

    [B]Here is some info about what I have done:[/B]
    Disabled selinux and verified it was disabled with #sestatus after reboot.
    Disabled iptables and verified they were disabled with #service iptables status
    Updated the system with default repos.
    Running install script as ‘root’ user.

    [B]The system goes through the entire install process until it needs to start the FOG Image Replication service and then fails, aborting the rest of the installation.[/B]


    Manually invoking the FOG Image Replicator service after the aborted installation gives me the following error:

    Couldn’t find any information on this error on the forums and web, so asking for help.

    If there is a location of logs that are kept during installation, I would be glad to provide them.

  • Thanks for your responses. I’ll be moving this to RHEL6 so this will probably help in case I have any issues. Thanks for all the work on FOG! Been using it for over 4 years and it has been a big help!

  • Stole this from Tom’s post in another thread:

    The Services that fail to start, when it happens go to http://<FOG.IP.ADDY>/fog/management
    Perform the schema update/install process.

    Then reperform the install. It will not hurt anything and should complete successfully.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Senior Developer

    There are two reasons for this issue, first is a schema update which as been “paused to be completed” in svn trunk.

    The second reason is the error message being reported.

    You probably need to specify the date.timezone setting in your /etc/php.ini.

  • I was able to get past this issue by rebooting and re-running the install file. That seem to get the software installed.

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