• Hello,

    I am kindly new to fog, and wish I could adapt fog way to run in our school environnement.

    Each school room have a standard name for each computer name in it, for example room n°15 have each computer named R15-PC01, R15-PC02, R15-PC03 etc. with R for Room.
    After cloning, each computer runs a .cmd script that changes the IP adress according to its name, for example computer R15-PC03 will have ip adress
    After ip is changed, this same script runs an executable to install network tool that do multiple things + connect the computer to Active Directory.

    Problem is that when I try to use SnapIn to start the cmd script, it does nothing, It doesn’t even start it. I suppose that SnapIns run only when computer has been joined to the domain, so is there a way for me to run this script after the computer name have been changed, without asking fog to join a domain ?


  • Developer

    The FOG service can set IP Address and join your machines to your domain.

    I would be using this over bat files.

  • I used to use .cmd snapins to install all the software I needed, post imaging. As long as the snap-ins are actually deployed (i.e. they are listed in active snap-ins) they will get run 6 minutes (by default) after the FOG service starts (assuming there are no host rename / domain join jobs to be done with the service - these will cause reboots so you will have to wait longer). In your case I think the only thing you need to do is make sure you script is executable from somewhere that is accessible to a non-domain PC and doesn’t reference any external files that are inaccessible to a non-domain PC. I have also used SFX self extractors and found them really useful. You may find the process a little more streamlined if you let FOG handle the naming and domain join though.

  • Ok after a day of tests, I can now tell that snapins are not the solution for my problem, as snapins seems to be working once the first user have logged on the computer (as I can see in the log file). So I am looking for a way to start a .cmd script AFTER the computername have been changed by FOG. Computer can be in the domain or not, it does not matter.

    SFXMaker seems not to be the way of solving this, as my .cmd script is doing many things (creating a .txt file, running netsh.exe, and running a program that may join the computer to the domain if I want it), but thanks anyway for trying TheGremlin.


  • SFXMaker will allow you to create a exe with a payload of a script.