Tftpboot/fog ?

  • so i made a fog server years ago to just use the pxe boot feature to install windows from, basically fog boots a winpe iso which automatically runs setup.exe off a share containing the windows cd unzipped (not sure if theres an easier way to do this, if so id be glad to hear)

    im not a linux guy so the past day or so ive been trying to setup the new version on a seperate box to migrate over, i have everything setup but i dont seem to see the /tftpboot/fog directory
    is this changed in the new release?

    on the old version we’re using theres a /tftpboot/fog directory where we place all the winpe iso’s etc but the current release i only see a /tftpboot folder and not the subdir fog or any of the files within there.

    am i doing something wrong or is there an easier way to do what im attempting?

    thanks for any help, i apologize if this has been covered before but i tried to search without any success.

    edit: i dont seem to see the tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg folder either, did i forget to run something to get these directories setup

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    [quote=“mhd, post: 28175, member: 24355”]hello
    I don’t understand if i can add iso image ?!
    please help me :)[/quote]

    Hello, you can, don’t thread jack, use the search feature!

  • hello
    I don’t understand if i can add iso image ?!
    please help me 🙂

  • thank you Junkhacker!
    looks like i’ll have to just start making master images 🆒

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    if all you need is a pxe server, and you’re not going to use the advanced features of fog, then you really don’t need fog. fog 1.0+ no longer use pxelinux. as such, fog no longer uses the /pxelinux.cfg folder and any boot menu options that you created before will not work the same way. the boot menu is now generated dynamically through the web site using php.

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