• HI,

    This is first time I’m trying to set up fog and it was a challenge to set it up. I’m getting hang of it and installed Ubuntu 12.04 and FOG 0.32 couple of times to get around issues I was facing. Long story short, I had reinstall Ubuntu and found out there is new FOG out 1.0.1 so I installed that this time.

    The issue I’m facing is that when I click on any menu on WebUI, it shows Read then Looking up code.jquery.com and takes couple of minutes to load anything. It didn’t take this long with 0.32. Is this issue with FOG or something I’m doing wrong?

    FYI I’m not Linux person. Pretty much first time using Linux and FOG although I’ve been with Windows for long time.


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  • For me is still slowness after install the new UPDATE that Tom give us. Other way two resolve this?

    Ex: Top Page: Connecting…
    Bottom Page x.x.x.x/fog/management/index.php?node=about
    No more code.jquery.com but dosen’t work… PS: im in istolated network, if i give acces in internet everything is ok.
    Is the same situation like HaxEJxuK

    I also try to go in /etc/resolv.conf and with this command: gksudo gedit i was changing nameserver , and search. (But after i save changes will overwritten wit the default conf.)

    I was deleting resolv.conf and replace with my own resolv.conf modified it’s good? :-s

  • Great! Thank you very much! I was kind of hesitation to ask but this was surprise!

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    You can just sudo ./installfog.sh just fine. It keeps settings automatically, and just upgrades your installation. I’ve never had a problem that was Fog’s fault with this.

  • Can I download this and do sudo ./installfog.sh and it will overwrite previous installation fine keeping all previous settings? Or run that command and it will just reinstall with settings I had to change but won’t mess up the installation like what would Windows sometime will do?

    BTW Thank you very much for such quick response! You don’t see that many times out there!

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  • Thank you very much Tom! I thought it was something I was doing since I pretty much have no idea about Linux and FOG. How can I check when new one comes up?


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    I’ll fix that here shortly. I was calling files through source. That is likely the issue with other posts as well. Will push and retag 1.0.1