• Hi Everyone,

    Just tested Fog 1.0.0. What a tremendous improvement! Thanks to all who put in the hard work necessary to bring this to life.

    I have a question… in previous FOG versions, when I would go to deploy an image, one of the final screens before the task was queued asked me if I wanted to shut down the PC when the imaging was complete. When I just tried Fog 1.0.0, when I deployed a test image, the task went right into the queue without asking me if I wanted to shut the PC down. Was this something that I missed, or was this something that was removed totally?

    Thanks for your help, and great job everyone!

  • Got it! Thanks Junkhacker! I am looking forward to upgrading my FOG server with 1.0.0 this summer.

  • Developer

    it’s a checkbox on the page where you choose if it’s instant or scheduled, right before you create the task