ERPXE and fog plugin

  • Hello,

    I am trying to have fog working inside of erpxe using the steps provided here:


    I have a stand alone fog server on another network that runs very well.

    After I have finished adding the fog plugin, my hosts hang on “attempting to register host…”

    I also have an issue with no longer being able to connect to the database.

    This doesn’t make much sense. When I installed FOG I did not set a mysql password.

    I checked out /var/www/fog/commons/config.php and found

    the mysql username is root, and the password is blank ("")
    the host is set to local host (I also tried the machines IP incase the binding was messed up)

    Any ideas?

  • Developer

    Is MySQL running? If no password is set my guess would be that MySQL failed to start for some reason.

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