Debian Tweaks to Fix Task Manager and NFS Volume Mount

  • I ran into a number of problems running Fog 0.32 under Debian Wheezy, but I finally got it to work. Here are the config tweaks I found that did the trick. The first three are definitely necessary, whereas some of the others might be part of my “shotgun approach” in which I took some shots in the dark. Hopefully, they’ll help anyone who’s also been banging their head against the wall running Fog under Debian Wheezy (or a recent version of Ubuntu for that matter). Note that I am not using the Fog server to provide DHCP service (see [URL=‘’]the wiki for those tweaks[/URL]).
    []Edit /etc/default/tftpd-hpa, replacing /srv/tftp with /tftpboot
    ]Edit /var/www/fog/management/includes/tasks.confirm.include.php, replacing every occurrence of &$tmp with $tmp
    []Edit /var/www/fog/management/lib/Group.class.php, replacing &$ireason with $ireason
    [B]Unable to Mount NFS Volume[/B]
    These are all the things I tried while the target machine was continually rebooting and getting the mount error…
    ]Ensured that the fog user has ownership of the images directory: chown -R fog:root /images
    []Tried: touch /images/dev/.mntcheck
    ]Restarted rpcbind: service rpcbind restart
    []Restarted the NFS kernel server: service nfs-kernel-server restart
    ]Added subtree_check as an option to both the /images and /images/dev entries in /etc/exports
    []Restarted rpcbind again
    ]Restarted the NFS kernel server again
    [*]Entered cp /images/dev/.mntcheck /images
    After that last command, I found that the target system was successfully being deployed; however, when it finished, it repeatedly returned an error that it was unable to connect to the FTP server. I went into the Fog Settings under Other Information, and under TFTP Server, I replaced the hashed FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD with the plain english password for the fog user. Following that, I found that the system got past the error and was rebooting.

    pax …and good luck!

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    Good post. I ran 0.32 under Debian 7.4 for a while. I did have to do the first three modifications, but I never ran into the ‘Unable to Mount NFS Volume’ issue.

    That being said, after I switched to Fog 1.0.0 and did a clean install, I did not have to make any modifications to get it to work. So good news for Debian users as we move forward.