Unable to switch to partimage (1.0.0)

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    [FONT=Tahoma]We currently have 0.32 installed on a production server; I am in the process of setting up 1.0.0 on a dev server for testing purposes. [/FONT]
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    [FONT=Tahoma]I noticed in 0.33b there was a dropdown box that I could change to use PartImage or PartClone when creating the image (via Image Management) - It would be ideal if we could use our 0.32 image on 1.0.0 but when I try to restore the image to a PC it loads up in PartClone and throws an error “This is not a PartClone image”.[/FONT]
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    [FONT=Tahoma]My question is, is there an option I can change to use PartImage and not PartClone? I noticed when uploading an image with PartClone it was taking longer than 0.32, is this normal?[/FONT]
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  • Developer

    downloads of partimage format images are supported for backward compatibility, but all uploads are done in partclone format. partclone uploads can be sped up by reducing the compression level on the settings page.

  • Found the flag:

    FOG Settings->General Settings->FOG_LEGACY_FLAG_IN_GUI.

    Had to enable that. Please close.