Adding second site to existing fog setup.

  • I am trying to add a second site to an already existing fog setup.

    [U]What I have now:[/U]
    []I am running 12.04 Ubuntu server and one storage node running 12.04 server.
    ]We have a layer 2 mpls connection to our second site.
    []The second site has its own DHCP and DNS servers.
    [U]What I we would like to do:[/U]
    ]be able to deploy images to second site (preferably off a storage node there)
    []have it replicate data from main fog setup (existing setup) to local storage node
    ]use a single web portal to control both site’s
    [SIZE=2]Does any one know how I could [/SIZE]accomplish[SIZE=2] this? Is there a write up on something similar?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Any help would be much appreciated.[/SIZE]

  • Moderator

    setup a storage node and a PXE server on the 2nd site.

    the images will FTP over using whatever VPN you have.

    clients will pxe boot and contact your main site for query of jobs.

    the location plugin etc should make them deploy from the local server.

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