Bug tracking system instead of the forum?

  • I have been criticized for mixing bug reports, feature requests and questions in this forum - and for making too many threads etc. I hope a bug tracking system like [url=“http://www.mantis.org”]www.mantis.org[/url] could be considered instead of the forum for reporting bugs (or what the reporter thinks is a bug).

    The forum could be used for more general questions, discussions, feature requests etc. I can set up the bug tracker on one of my servers if developers find this to be a good idea.

  • Senior Developer

    To add on to this (while slightly outdated) we have a semi-officialized kind of bug reporting system as well. This is for us developers to keep track of features, bugs, etc… when encountered.

    If a user notices a bug, it’s best right now to submit to the forums as we’re constantly on them. If you submit a bug report to the github, I believe it will only contact me, though everybody could still see the bug itself.

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    He’s got a github:


    Github does bug tracking.