Cannot boot undionly.kpe

  • Fog_0.33b
    cannot boot to undionly.kpxe. It looks like it is trying to load pxelinux.0 which is not in the tftpboot folder.
    I have changed the option on my DHCP Server. Checked TFTP Settings in FOG UI.
    Any Ideas?


  • Update…I had to copy off the /images folder…750GB!!! lol…
    Backed up the fog mysql database and re-built the Ubuntu server 12.0.4
    Re-installed fog, restored the database and /images folder.

    It works now. I would advise everyone who hasn’t found a logical answer to their problems to rebuild the server that fog is installed on.
    In the end, something was not working right on the server, no fault of FOG or the Developers.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps someone else out.

  • Upgrade.


  • Developer

    That file name comes from your DHCP server. I would check option 67 again.

    Was this a fresh install of 33b or an upgrade?

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