WOL fail after task

  • Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I’m french so sorry in advance for my English (I use Google translation largely)

    I have two problems:

    • When I deploy an image on a computer indicating to turn off the machine at the end of the spot he puts impossible to restart in wake on lan … (Dell Optiplex 390 and 3010) on Dell Optiplex 740 it works perfectly .

    Bios is configured for the task of deployment function correctly

    • Green FOG does not work …

    Server: Ubuntu / Fog 0.32

    Thank you again for your help and sorry for my English writing

  • Developer

    it’s theoretically possible. the computer could be going into “low power mode.” if you test this, please let us know.

  • When I properly shut down the machine with Windows WOL works perfectly …

    Fog off when the machine after it leaves the computer task in which state?

  • Developer

    WOL is known not to work for certain sleep states. have you tried all of them?

  • Bios is OK because Wake on Lan works but not after a task

  • Developer

    check the power management settings of your bios for Remote Wake Up

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