Uploading windows 7 image fails

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to upload a windows 7 image. I have created a single partition (with out the 100MB system partition). While uploading this image as single partition (NTFS Only, resizeable) it fails. While tyring to upload it displays “Waiting for disks to settle” , “Processing a Windows 7 system with 1 partion”. The blue screen is displayed for few seconds, but nothing gets copied.

    To troubleshoot, I reinstalled windows 7 normally (with 100mb system partion) and the image uploaded normally (as Single partition(NTFS Only, resizeable)).

    Could anybody help me why I am not able to upload image as a single partition? Would the multi-partitioned image work with different sizes of hard-disk drives?

    Thank you,

  • Jigar:
    I would use the multiple partition option. Leave the OS set to Windows 7. It never fails.

    I think kirksec is right regarding the single partition settings. I have only ever been able to get it to work in that situation. In the past it was always problematic for me so I stopped using it.


  • [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=#141414]I read somewhere around here that setting the OS for the image as [B]Windows Vista [/B]might allow you to save a single partition Windows 7 image as resizeable but, it didn’t work for me. There was also something about the reason behind multiple partition images not being resizeable (beyond the 100MB Windows 7 one) was simply that they couldn’t assume which partition(s) you would want to grow and hadn’t coded anything into the GUI to allow you to select that.

    At any rate, the only was I was able to get a resizeable Windows 7 image was with the 100MB partition as well.[/COLOR][/FONT]

  • Thank you Kirksec for your reply. That means that i wasn’t doing anything wrong!
    If some developer could provide more info. / confirm this … that would be great!
    Thank you all

  • Hi

    if you want to use the (NTFS Only, Resizeble) you have to create the 100mb partition, i cant tell you the background because i simply dont know that but i know for a fact through trial and error that it only works with the 100mb partition( in my case atleast) if you dont want that then you must select Multipartition image then it will work there, but for some reason which i cant remember now i eventually ran into problems there ( think the size of the disks were not the same and it didnt want to image) thats why i chose this option because its so much more easier