WIndows DHCP Server Settings 66/67 already in use

  • Hey folks, I’m just dipping my toes in the water with FOG. One issue before I try to get everything running is getting the tftp/pxie stuff set up, which I’m a bit concerned about.

    On our Windows DHCP Server (2003) we already have options 66/67 configured to serve up a tftp file to boot our ShoreTel IP phones when they connect to the network. Is this going to be an issue? I am bottom-rung on the IT foodchain, and out network admin is gone for the week so I thought I might pop in here to see what this means for me. I don’t want to configure everything and then not be able to configure the DHCP server for pxe booting. (I won’t make any changes without our network guy’s approval just for protocol, but I wanted to see if this is going to be a major roadblock or a complete non-issue.

    Thanks in advance for any commentary or advice you might have to offer.

  • Or you could just try and set the Scopes on the machine itself and see if it works ? i know i have tried this before but "upper leve: setting took preference … but hey its worth a try 🙂

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  • Kirksec, don’t worry I wouldn’t make any changes without clearing it with the network admin first, I just wanted to gauge what I’m up against before he got back.

    I’m thinking maybe the phones and computers have to be on the same vlan since the setup is thus: Ethernet jack > Phone > computer. The phone acts like a switch and passes the connection on to the computer. But I know almost nothing about this kind of stuff, so I’ll end up just running the plans by our guy and see if this can be made to fly or not.

    If this is going to be a nonstarter, I don’t even want to waste time testing FOG, so I’m just holding off till I can corner the right guy and ask him about it.

  • As Kirksec said your IP phones should ideally be on a different VLAN. If you’re just testing FOG on a couple of computers, you could create dhcp reservations for these hosts and point there options 66&67 to another server.

  • In my opinion i would say that those options are configured because it needs to be , i would suggest you ask your Network Admin to put PC’s in another Vlan and you could then set the scopes there and it wouldnt have a effect on the IP telephones