Re-naming machines; disconnect from domain

  • The problem:
    [I]When we go to change the computer name on a machine will be changed, however it will not rejoin the domain.[/I]

    Fog Server: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS fully updated as of today 02/07/2012

    Machines to be imaged:
    Windows 7 32-bit pro

    I will note Fog works perfectly otherwise, it’s a dream come true. We just have one annoyance;

    We have lab machines that either go bad or need to be moved to other parts of our building. When we use the FOG management console to rename these machines FOG goes through the process of naming them and restarting them, however it disconnects these machines from the domain. Thus when we rename the machines in FOG, the service will recognize the names are not the same for the same MAC address and thus causes the name listed in the FOG console to be applied to the machine in question. The machine will then restart and the name will be applied, however when we log into the machine after this has happened the error message saying that the machine is not trusted by the domain (because it is no longer part of the domain.) To fix this we are having to go in as the local administrator and re-join the domain manually. Is there some setting I’ve missed or something I need to add/configure to make FOG join the domain (again) when it re-names a computer?

    FOG already adds computers to the domain properly when imaging them, just not renaming them.

    Please help!

  • My AD level is 2008. I’m using Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise.

    FOG adds computers to the domain without a hitch (Windows 7 or XP computers), but if I rename it (thru FOG browser interface), FOG Service in the computer renames the computer but will NOT rejoin the computer to the domain. I guess when the computer is already part of a domain, it should un-join the computer, then re-join.

    I have tried renaming directly under Windows, and I always have to unjoin then rejoin to be able to change the computer name correctly on AD. I guess its a limitation imposed by Windows AD.

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    What version of AD are you using and what level is your forest? 2000? 2003? etc?

  • This would be a GREAT feature to have!

    Is this in a wish / to-do list?

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