• We had a request from a client regarding the image information listed. It would be useful if the Image list could contain more information including Image size and creation date/time.

    Currently we just created a listimages.php for the client that does this:

    $output = shell_exec(“ls -oghR --time-style=locale /images/*”);
    echo "List generated on ";
    echo date;
    echo “<pre>$output</pre>”;

    Yeah, it’s not pretty, but it does provide them with the basic information they need.



  • 0.33 now has these parameters. The imageSize is now working properly. It also pulls the information from disk and gets the file size in GiB.


  • Junkhacker Not a problem. It’s really my fault for not being on top of the development before asking questions. 🙂

    Firing up my 0.33b VM now.


  • Developer

    i’m sorry for assuming you were running the latest beta. I have little experience with prior versions of fog and keep assuming that people are running the same software i am. 🙂

  • Junkhacker, re: “actual size already displayed” I need to get my 0.33b demo server back up before commenting further. Our client is using 0.32 and that is where the request came from because on that version the only columns listed are:

    Image name, Description, Storage Group, Edit

    My apologies for asking for something that is already in upcoming release.


  • Developer

    Tom and I are working on this right now actually. We will see what we can do about adding in size on server while we are at it.

  • Developer

    the “actual size of image” is already displayed in the image management view under the column “Image Size”
    it is the size reported by the cloning software calculated at time of creation.
    so this feature already exists.
    the “size on server” however, would be handy, i agree.

  • re: physical space on server vs. drive size…

    Maybe provide both if possible? They are gzipped on the server, and getting “size on server” would be easy. However, obtaining and displaying the “actual size of image” would not really be possible unless it was calculated on creation and entered into the database.

    At the risk of stating the obvious: gunzip -t on multi-gigabyte files is quite time and cpu intensive, so it would not be something that could be figured on the fly

    Personally, I think something like “total size on server” would suffice. Or (being more creative) listing each partition and mbr in a smaller font under the image’s basic information might be nice too.

    But getting back to our client’s request, it was really brought up to us in the format of “I have this image listed in FOG, and I am not sure if I actually uploaded the imgae or if this was/is still just a place holder… it would be nice if I could see if the file(s) exists or not and if they do, their creation date/time would also be useful”

    So, really, just some additional basic information would probably be enough.


  • When you say image size do you mean physical space taken on server or size on images drive? I also just added the last deploy time to the image page so that part should be taken care of.