Imaging Windows server 2008 without PXE

  • Hi Guys,
    Just want to confirm that there is no way to Image a windows server 2008 with booting into PXE? in mycompany we have production servers that must be online 24\7 . We currently use Acronis and Symentec for imging servers. Both product use agent base system so we do not have to go in PXE to take an image. I was wondering if FOG can do this.

  • Developer

    fog is designed around deployment. it’s not really made to be a backup solution.

  • Hi Tom, Thanks for replying.
    We currently don’t reboot windows 2003\2008 servers. We simply push agent the 1st time and schedule the backup to image once a week, and it automatically runs without interrupting any operations.


  • Senior Developer

    The only way to image using a standard installation of FOG is through PXE, this is correct.

    However, the server’s themselves can stay on all the time. Only the client machines (the machines needing to be imaged) need to be rebooted. If you have to image a Windows Server 2008 system, anyway, wouldn’t you need to reboot the machine whether agent based or PXE based imaging solution?