TFTP Error Can't find pxelinux.0

  • When I boot my machines I get an error where they can’t find c:\tftp-boot\pxelinux.0

    My fog server is 172.16.2.xx. Any machine with a 172.16.x.xx ip can boot fog just fine. The machines I’m having trouble with have a 172.17.x.xx ip. all machines are on the subnet.

    I’m stumped.

  • Developer

    DNSMASQ can help with supplying the boot server and file name to multiple subnet, it may be something to think about.

  • Senior Developer

    Well, your switching equipment needs to redirect back to the main DHCP server. Your Subnet limits the IP range to be of:

    Meaning the #'s are unmovable, the x’s can change to anything.

    So in your scenario, works perfectly fine because they are all part of the same subnet. will not be able to communicate with the subnet without being told how to communicate with it.

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