Graphs not showing on dashboard after installing updates on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit

  • Running FOG 0.32 on an older Xeon P-III server because it had plenty of internal storage. I just installed updates after not touching the system for a couple months. After the reboot I get a strange display on the dashboard - all graphs just show spinning icon. I’ve waited overnight and done an additional reboot. Everything else looks normal. Screenshot attached. Appreciate any advice.[ATTACH=full]667[/ATTACH]


  • Enabling Compatibility Mode in IE 10 fixes this issue.

  • [quote=“Junkhacker, post: 25639, member: 21583”]is your browser blocking javascript?[/quote]

    Good call. I didn’t suspect the browser because I thought I remember it working in the same browser, literally in the same session, minutes before I installed the updates and rebooted. I might have blown right past that page without waiting for them to load though. I tested in Chrome (on Windows 7) and it works fine so it is definitely not server side. I am running IE 10 so I suspect it is a compatibility issue there and will research on my own. I expect I will use Compatibility Mode in IE and it will work.

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    is your browser blocking javascript?