NTLDR is missing error during deploy

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to deploy a computer I backed up. I did a backup of an HP4320S laptop with windows XP, I am deploying it to another HP4320S the backup itself is about 75gigs but once the deployment is complete I get the error message “NTLDR is missing” the backup type was “Multiple partition all disks not resizeable” and i am running on

    Fog 0.32
    Kernal 3.13.4

    Any thoughts as to what could be causing the error?

  • [quote=“need2, post: 25853, member: 21891”]Are you sure the user data isn’t just in a deprecated user folder? Such as C:\Users\gobbledegook[/quote]

    Late reply sorry, bu yes the files would have been under Mrs. Gobbledegook’s user files, however not all users save to just that location so I like to run full backups.

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    Are you sure the user data isn’t just in a deprecated user folder? Such as C:\Users\gobbledegook

  • I did not Sysprep or FOGprep, since it was a backup to be restored only if user data was needed I did not think to do either. The Windows Repair worked but the user data was not available, it’s like all the bad sectors it repaired just so happen to have one of the application installs and MYDOOCS data. I am going to test with another machine and one that has Windows7 to see how it acts, thank you for the advice.

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    Did you sysprep or FOGprep before taking the image? If you didn’t, and don’t want to, just run the Windows 7 repair disk and let it fix it.