Ioctl 0x304 failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

  • Hey All,

    Having an ongoing issue with Fog, running on Ubuntu 12.4.

    Concerning all PC"s connected to the Fog Server, once full host inventory has been selected, i get the same issue.

    [SIZE=6][B]ioctl 0x304 failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device[/B][/SIZE]

    I have followed Tom’s Suggestions looking into the Fog Settings, ensuring /'s appear at the end of the web paths. I have also checked the PXE settings in the /tftpboot/pxe… directory, same thing as normal.

    On a network side i have rebooted, and used a completely different route / switch - still same issue.

    I have also upgraded and downgraded the Kernel through many variations. Interestingly enough, the most recent varient - as hosted on Sound Forge - causes a NVIDIAfb issue, and Green Screens…

    Please let me know any other ideas to look into… I have 200 Systems to buil in the next week, and if i cant use Fog, I May have to use Clone Zilla!

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    [quote=“rob barrett, post: 24902, member: 23386”]Why Search when you can Ask a Legend!

    Up and running my friend![/quote]

    I realize your message is meant to be “cute”, but this is what is wrong with this community!

    We don’t mind troubleshooting and helping the find the solution, but the more time we spend spoon feeding capable users takes away from time we could spend fixing bugs.

    We spend a number of hours here on our own free will because we LOVE FOG and it’s capabilities, we spend a lot of time making entries in the Wiki so that others can solve their issue.

    Please use the search feature.

  • Why Search when you can Ask a Legend!

    Up and running my friend!

  • Search is a wonderful tool!

    First the ioctl 0x304 failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device error isn’t really a “bad” thing. It’s just reporting that the device it’s trying to load can’t use what ever driver throws that error.

    Second, Try other kernels. I’ve got plenty of posts that seem to help others out with this:
    As Root on your FOG Server run these commands:
    [code]cd /tftpboot/fog/kernel
    mv bzImage bzImage.orig.2014APR02
    wget -O bzImage[/code]

    Try rebooting and registering the system after getting the new kernel.

    This kernel is the one I build, and it doesn’t have ANY of the vga specific drivers included, so nearly all systems should display and be readable. It’s also got a ton of drivers built in so hopefully it will help you out. Plus, I haven’t seen an ioctl errors thrown with this kernel. That’s not to say you won’t, but I’d believe your issues are all because of the kernel.