Windows Service Questions

  • I installed the fog server and got it up and running ok. I have some questions about the windows service.

    When I try to schedule a task like memtest86 or a disk scan, it doesn’t seem to launch automatically on the client, however when I reboot the machine manually and boot over PXE, it launches. Shouldn’t the windows service have the ability to restart the machine on demand? Do I have to schedule a reboot somehow along with the task?

    The same with imaging, it doesn’t seem to launch the image deployment, it doesn’t seem to launch the image on demand; not until I manually reboot the machine.

  • Developer

    Possible solutions:

    • Check if the client configuration is well. IP FOG Server
    • During the client instlallation process, you set the client to enable restart PC service?
    • In the server configuration, you have enabled restart PC Service?

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