Windows 8.1 Pro unattend.xml

  • I am in the process of setting up a Windows 8.1 pro image and configuring the unattend.xml file. The hope was to have the system name set by fog and have the computer joined to the domain with the unattend.xml file.

    So far I have managed to achieve this however the computer name that appears in our active directory is that prior to the fog name change.

    Has anyone run into similar issues, perhaps there is a certain order in which the unattend.xml file should be configured?

    Many thanks

  • Developer

    This may be due to how Microsoft looks for the computer name. If you find the registry values you need to edit, you can make a script the queries the other instances of the computer name and synchronizes them.

    I think the problem is the fog client, it may not support the naming conventions of Windows 8.

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