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    I was wondering if there was any way to move the fog.log file into a different folder location. as well as push the clients to check with the server every half hour?

    Both of these are due to different policies at the business I work at…


  • Thank you for your help!!

    sorry for not replying right away!

    this is exactly what i’m looking for @afmrick

  • Ah, I found what I was initially thinking of with the “recompile” statement before. I finally remembered while adding a kill-all snapins button to the GUI this morning on 0.32.

    Snapins were taking too long to deploy for our taste at first (we got over it). That was hard coded on line 129 of [COLOR=#0000ff]fog_0.32/FOG Service/src/FOG_SnapinClient/MOD_SnapinClient.cs [/COLOR]for a time between 350 and 500 seconds. That then hat to be compiled and then we had to put our new [COLOR=#0000ff]SnapinClient.dll[/COLOR] in [COLOR=#0000ff]C:\Program Files(x86)\FOG[/COLOR] on our Windows 7 images.

    …not really topical but it was bugging me.

  • Might want to also check this part:


    How often do you want to service to hit the web server (in seconds)



  • There it is!


    Where do you want the FOG Service to write it’s log?



    In [COLOR=#0000ff]C:\Program Files\FOG\etc\config.ini[/COLOR] edit this line and I imagine you’ll be good to go once you restart the fog service or just reboot.

  • Oh yeah! Setting up some centralized logging for that would be pretty neat …or just not writing to the root of the [COLOR=#0000ff]C:[/COLOR] drive. Was the path an option in the [COLOR=#0000ff]C:\Program Files\FOG\etc\config.ini[/COLOR]? I don’t have super convenient access to a client right this second.

  • Developer

    fog.log is found on the host machine, under C:\fog.log, not on the server.

  • I’m not seeing a [COLOR=#0000ff]fog.log[/COLOR] on my system just now via “find / -name fog.log -type f”
    There’s [COLOR=#0000ff]fogreplicator.log[/COLOR], [COLOR=#0000ff]fogscheduler.log[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#0000ff]multicast.log[/COLOR]* in [COLOR=#0000ff]/opt/fog/log[/COLOR]. Those are defined in [COLOR=#0000ff]/opt/fog/service/etc/config.php[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#0000ff]/var/www/html/fog/management/includes/about.log.include.php[/COLOR] which also uses [COLOR=#008000]FOG_UTIL_BASE[/COLOR] defined in the GUI via [B]Other Information > FOG Settings > FOG Utils > FOG_UTIL_BASE[/B] …if that does anything for you.

    I can’t seem to find it now but, as I recall the check-in interval on the FOG client was hard coded into the source code so, you’d have to download it, edit it and recompile it.