SOLVED Upload an Image shows the download message instead

  • In 0.33B, (svn rev 1387). You probably already know this, but the reply messages for uploading and downloading and image are the same. So the message from upload an images implies it will download and image instead. I’m using Win7 and LUTZA as example image and host names. Both upload and download say:

    Host Management

    Deploy Image to Host
    Successfully created task for deployment of Win7 to LUTZA

    Upload image should say; Receive Image from Host. Successfully created task for receiving image Win7 from LUTZA. This really confused me the first time through (I thought I had selected the wrong function).

    Best regards.
    Image of the message is attached.


  • Not sure if you’re already aware, but I’ve changed the way this get’s displayed when you “deploy” a task. It takes the task type and displays “<TASKTYPENAME> task created for [U]<HOSTNAME>[/U] with image [U]<IMAGENAME>[/U]”. Hopefully this is more descriptive as it tells you exactly what task has been “Deployed”