Fog is unable to move /images/dev/Macaddress to /images/imagename

  • Hello,
    I installed the latest build (0.32) on a virtual ubuntu 12.04 LTS system the VM is running on VMWare Workstation 10. now I have the problem that the upload skript tells me “unable to move /images/dev/MACAddress to /images/imagename”.
    First I thougt its maybe an issue with the permissions on the directory so I set 777 -> doesn’t help.
    afte I checked other possible reasons like group memberships and followed the instructions on the [URL=‘’]wiki[/URL] I fuggured out that fog server creates evrey image with 701 permissions and the owner ship is root:root I think that this could be the Problem does anyone know a ressolution for this Problem?

    greetings Asadea
    PS sorry for the bad englisch I’m from Germany and are not the professional english speaker ;)

  • I fixed the Problem. After I tested imaging with a other machine (win7) and this worked I only changed the OS entry in the fog web ui at the XP machine wich was unable to image. Now it works. :)

  • Senior Developer

    Check the password on the Storage Node itself.

    FOG GUI->Storage Management->All Storage Nodes-><YOUR STORAGE NODE>Management Username and password.

    Change the password as needed. it usually fails on this step for one of two reasons.
    Password is wrong.
    Permissions are set wrong on the /images folder.

    verify the permissions on the /images are chmodded to 777
    [code]chmod -R 777 /images[/code]

    Then try again.

    If you still have the problem, you may be having an issue deleting the ALREADY EXISTING image file if it’s there.

  • I have checked all the passwords for the “fog” but the issue is still there. I also added the fog user to the root group at the linux system this also doesn’t help :(

  • Developer

    Check the password for the user “fog” on the linux system and make sure it matches with what is in /var/www/fog/commons/config.php and in the fog settings window in the web UI(search for ftp).

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