• I want to shut down my Windows XP computers at 11pm every night and GreenFog is not working. How should I troubleshoot this issue? Also, are there any alternatives ways of doing this?

  • Developer

    That is exactly what I do 🙂

  • Nice. How do you do that with 200 computers. Any way to create this scheduled task via a snapin? Or are there alternative solutions?

    EDIT: I figured it out myself. Suppose that you want to shut down the computers at midnight every day. Here’s how you do it:

    1. Create a .bat file with the following content:
      schtasks /create /tn “shutdown_0000” /tr “c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00” /sc daily /st 00:00 /ru “System”

    2. Create a snapin with the .bat file you just created.

    3. Deploy the snapin to all your computers.

  • Developer

    Windows Task Scheduler. Add a task that runs the force shutdown command at 11 pm.

    I should probably warn you… Green Fog is getting removed in 0.33

    The command you want to put in your task is :
    c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00