Add Mageia in Redhat variants and fix a few things

  • Hi. I just created a patch to fog 3.3b (svn 3/25/14) which will allow fog to install on Mageia Linux (versions 2, 3 and 4). Mageia is a redhat derived os desending from the Mandrake-Mandriva linux linage. It is very popular. In developing this patch, I found and fixed a few minor bugs. For example the $linuxReleaseName variable could have trailing spaces in the distribution name. In another spot tftpboot is hard coded to /tftpboot where as it is now found in /var/lib/tftpboot. In the nfs /etc/exports some systems need additional options like ‘no_subtree_check’. All said, the changes are very minor and don’t distract from the core functionality of the original code.


    Update: Please note a $tftpdirdist should be $tftpdirdst in the earlier version. This patchs have been fixed.
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    1873 with suggested mod.

    Thank you,

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    That’s too easy man, coming down the pipes.

  • Well this is most embarrassing. There was one critical line I left out of the Mageia patch. It was installer variable. the bug doesn’t effect redhat users, just us mageia users. I found this out after doing fresh install of FOG svn on a fresh Mageia4 machine.
    Tom, if you could install this asap. This is for rev 1871, June 18th.

    To install, in top level fogserver install directory; “patch -p0 < fog-mageia-patch2.txt”


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    This is now added in svn, thank you much Chuck. 1860

  • Here are the patches to Fog svn revision 1859, June 17th (Fog 1.1.1) to Include Mageia in the Redhat variants, This should work for Mageia releases 2,3 and 4. Mageia Linux is the spin off/successor of Madriva which was spun off Mandrake Linux, which was spun off of Redhat. Mageia is my favorite of all of the Linux distros just for ease of use and robust packaging. This patch could be extended to include other Redhat variations like PCLinuxOS, but it uses apt-rpm which I know little about.

    The changes are all minimal. There are the file-names and file-installer used by the different distros. There are some changes in the names of the nfs and dhcp services. There are changes in the default location of the tftp directory. Lastly I added a few entries into the dhcp.conf to help with multicasting, and to show how to block dhcp services on a particular network interface (if you have two or more interfaces).

    To install, in top level fogserver install directory; “patch -p0 < fog-mageia-patch.txt”

    Have fun. The patch is attached below.


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    Chuck, if you’re willing, could you possibly make a new patch of this and post it with the new updates to the installer functions?

    I only ask because I’ve made quite a few changes and adding this, while not difficult, could take quite a bit of time hand coding.

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