• Once I have created an image and uploaded, am I able to change the image type in the dropdown or am I stuck with the one I chose when I created the image?

  • Well, this isn’t necessarily the case. Depends on the layout.

    If you create an image as multipart non resizable off of a fresh cd install of windows 7, the d1p1 and d1p2 files, for all purposes, are rec.img.000 and sys.img.000 respectively. So you could, potentially, switch this image from non-resizable to resizable. However, if you create a resizable image, you are kind of stuck. This is because the mbr is not available.

    If you were to go from multipart to resizable, you’d need to rename the d1p1.img and d1p2.img on the server.
    Rename d1p1.img to rec.img.000
    Rename d1p2.img to sys.img.000

    I hope this helps.

  • I was afraid that was the case. Well, I guess I will upload again differently!! Thanks for the response!

  • Developer

    You are stuck with it.
    Although all the images are created with partclone, different image types create a different mix of files and folders.
    Hope this helps.