Collecting image from Virtualbox

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    I’m playing around with virtualbox because i plan to build some new images for a few clients, and building them in a VM just seems to make sense. Problem I am having is, I can’t get FOG to register the host that is inside a VM on Virtualbox. Does anyone know what specs I should use to setup the OS ie VDI, VDMK, VHD. I try to register and it just blows right threw not allowing me to enter a single bit of info.


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    The best way I found is to export the appliance, unfortunately. Unless you only want to make copies in which case cloning would be the best solution.

    I use an external drive to store all my Virtual Images on so I don’t actually “export” them I just set up the appliance with the current files at my other locations. This allows me to have the same image and upload to the different servers (I chose stand alone servers instead of Nodes… not really sure why, I was just new at setting FOG up and I never re did the set up I know it’s going to change when I upgrade to 0.33 version but for now I just have multiple servers.)

    I am partial to the snapshots feature. That and I use fairly antiquated technology, the ones that are on the phase out, for my imaging so I never had a GOOD server to build ESXi on, so the bad taste left in my mouth may be my own fault, but I never had good luck with VMWare.

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    Exporting appliance is the best way to go for virtual box.

  • Thanks.
    I am a big user of VMware, but before paying to upgrade to VMware workstation, I am trying out Virtualbox because of the snapshot feature. If Virtualbox works fine for me, then I will forgo Workstation for VB. Funny thing is, with VMware player, I can simply copy the folder of the VM to my external, plug it into my PC at work, and open the VM right up. With Virtualbox, I have had to “export appliance” to move my VM to my work machine. Is there an easier way to accomplish this or not really?

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    I do dynamic just because I want the disk to expand but I still set the max to like 60 gb that way I know that I can image all the hard drives I have in my corporation (we don’t have anything smaller than 80 gb now) and if you need to, you can use gparted live cd to alter your partitions.

  • Another question, should I set the VDI to dynamically allocate space or select a Fixed Size?

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    ooo… I don’t have that. I only run a vm for FOG if I am testing I have a physical box I install FOG on. The images are the only ones I keep on the VM.

    Someone else may need to offer some expertise to get a VM FOG to take a VM image I don’t know if there is anything specific you may need to do. I don’t think it should cause any issues 😕

  • Ah,
    Thanks Jaymes. My setup was I have both my FOG and the os i am manipulating in vm’s on the same machine, and have both network adapters set to local host only. I have an external fog machine I will try and pull an image to. And thanks for the kernel I will try it!

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    I use VirtualBox and I set up my images as VDI. Make sure you are setting up the network adapter in a bridged mode under the settings for your virtual machine.

    I don’t have any problems with uploading my image, I would try a different kernel. VirtualBox has always just worked, that is why I chose it over VMWare because VMWare uses scsi drivers and they are not included in the kernels.

    try this one -> [url][/url]