HP ProBook 650G1 will not boot to fog

  • We are attempting to image a Probook 650G1 and it’s failing while booting to fog (perform full host registration and inventory). We’re using version 0.32 and kernel version 3.8.8.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Senior Developer

    currently, 3.13.6

  • Thanks Jaymes.

  • Developer

    I don’t keep the kernels up to date, Tom does. I know it is above 3.13.

    Tom builds his kernels to be mostly all inclusive, and he does an amazing job. In the past I just made a custom kernel to include the drivers I needed but since Tom started compiling them, I just use his :)

  • I figured out what i did from your post. I actually didn’t update to 388. When I downloaded it, it named it bzimage388 and it was sitting in the kernel folder. Once renamed, I was able to boot to fog.

    What version is the bzimage in the link you sent or is it a custom build? Any advantages to using it over 388?

  • Developer

    Back up your old bzImage. located /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage.

    Change it to bzImage.OLD or something similar.

    Download the new bzImage from [COLOR=#737373][url]https://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/bzImage[/url]32[/COLOR]

    put the new bzImage in the /tftpboot/fog/kernel/ folder.

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