• Hi Guys

    I have seen many topics about this issue, but can’t get solution in any of them

    So, I have installed fog from vmware image from main fog website, followed all instructions, including tftp password, change entries in my DNS and DHCP, but still can’t boot to network. I get ip address from my dhcp without the problem, just can’t boot to pxe at all.

    I have checked tftp locally on fog server and it is fine and working, just can’t get it to work with other machines.

    Thanks in advance

  • Developer

    Which Revision of Ubuntu?

    I can confirm that 13.10 works fine. There are ALWAYS issues to over come when launching FOG in each environment, everyone has different switches and hardware. I know you want to blame Ubuntu, and I will admit that the latest revision of Ubuntu have needed some adjustment to work perfectly with fog. But I can also confirm that each one of my test servers is at the latest revision. So I don’t think this is a problem with Ubuntu.

    I also want to note that I am able to boot, and image to my servers on 13.10, but I am using the Beta version of FOG.

  • Never mind, all sorted and working, needed to use ubuntu 10.04. As it did not work on newest ubuntu.


  • Developer

    WireShark, watch the packets and where they get stopped.

  • Thanks for tip, now I have “BOOT server” with ip of my fog, but just sits there.

    Even before PC could see fog server and to go there and boot from it, but it just did not give any instruction of booting. like it is being blocked by something - but I have disabled firewalls (iptables).

    Any other tip??

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