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    I am glad to see that FOG is making progress towards full support of UEFI booting options. At the moment, a default install still does not seem to properly support a UEFI network boot however. If there are others out there who have made progress on implementing a UEFI network boot, I would love to hear from you. UEFI is quickly taking over our domain, and I want to be able to use FOG to its full potential.

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    I’m working on trying to figure out what and when to do things. iPXE itself has a method to know whether something is UEFI or PXE booting, but I have to get more details before I can just add it all in.

  • I was able to upload and image by using a .efi tftpboot service to two different machines using UEFI
    []Download from code [url]http://sourceforge.net/p/freeghost/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/packages/tftp/[/url]
    ]Copy them to /tftpboot and point your dhcp towards one of the .efi services
    [*]run the following command: restart tftpd-hpa
    One thing to note for me at least .efi service doesn’t work with non UEFI hardware… Maybe it could be scripted to chain boot through the different tftpboot services?

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    At the moment the furthest a UEFI Network boot seems to get is downloading the NBP file. Afterwards the screen goes black and dumps back to the boot medium select (assuming you prompted to select boot device).