• Hello All,

    Long time user, first time poster. Does anyone have any experience with utilizing a Windows NFS server to increase storage node capacity?

    I am running Windows 7 Professional, x64, and I am trying to use Allegro NFS, through I have tried other packages. I have no problems with the replication portion, FileZilla Server is responding just fine to FOG’s FTP commands.

    The issue seems to lie in the request from the netboot’d computer. Server log shows it is trying to mount the share with a trailing slash, eg ‘/active/’. If I manually issue a mount command from another Linux or OS X client, it succeeds, but it appears the client removes the trailing slash automatically according to the server log.

    I’m going to dive deeper into the fog scripts, but I thought I’d ask the community if they had any insight.

    Unfortunately, I can’t convert this machine off of Windows, since it is running KMS activation and Symantec management services. I’d just like to tap it’s vastly unused resources to increase my throughput.

    To the developers: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! FOG has been a wonderful tool in our organization. It is currently managing a fleet of rental computers plus dozens of other internal images.


  • Developer

    I’m not sure if a trailing slash is meant to be there or not.

    I will look into the standards and hopefully have a change for 0.33. By the sounds of it, the trailing slash should not be there.