PXE Boot with a Dell Optiplex 760?

  • I am trying to do a PXE boot for my TEST-PC using PXE boot so I can setup the other 200 or so machines I manage.

    However in the DELL System Setup I set it with PXE boot being enabled.

    When I drop down further it has an area to enter image server data so I entered that data as well.

    When the computer tries to PXE boot I get a TFTP server not found error?

    I am doing something wrong?

  • Ok,

    I have installed tftp following the instructions above.

    When I go to theTask Management tab on my FOG server and click UPLOAD under the host I want to use I get the following error.

    “Unable to connect to tftp server”

  • Whatever you were using to test tftp in the first place.

  • On the FOG server I am assuming…

  • You will need to install tftp first:
    [code]yum -y install tftp[/code]

    Then run that command with:
    [code]tftp get pxelinux.0[/code]

  • FOG server is running on Cent OS 6.5

  • You have a typo on the line, but that’s okay for now.

    Are you running this from a windows or linux system?

  • I am running FOG 0.32

    When I run the command “tftp get prelinux.0” I get the following reply

    " ‘tftp’ is not recognized as a internal or external command operable program of file"

  • Developer

    Not necessarily, but if you keep topics down we can help troubleshoot the issue, the more topics you have open the harder it is to consolidate the troubleshooting steps you have taken as well as the resolve.

    To answer your question in the other topic, Yes in fog the TFTP server is the same machine that FOG runs on, however this is not required. You can always supply your own, but FOG was an aim to get everything you need workign in one places.

    In your other topic you stated you were running the “latest” fog version. Please clarify, Are you using FOG 0.32 or FOG 0.33b?

    I am leaving Note that you are using CentOS 6.5

    From a windows machine please run the following command in a command prompt

    tftp x.x.x.x get pxelinux.0

    what is the outcome?