• Hi,

    I found a bug in the Active Directory portion of a created group. By default, the group has DN and OU fields blank, with fog listed as the username and I assume password listed as the password. The bug is, every time I attempt to alter any of the fields and save, it defaults back to the original info as stated above… or is this intended?

  • ok, thanks.

  • When the use ad checkbox is checked it should auto fill.

  • Wait… I was just reading back through what you said. I have the AD_DEFAULT set to my domain info already. Should that be showing up then?

  • Ok, good. I like to find bugs, I just don’t want to make too much more work for you! 😉

  • The group information works by sending the data to each of the hosts. So to “get the info you typed in” I’d have to compare all of the hosts that are within the group and verify all of them match to get that information. Way more work than what’s needed, so yes it’s by design. Basically it just pulls the information set in FOG Settings.