Cant upload or deploy image booting from usb

  • im trying to implement fog at work(where i dont have access to dhcp)

    i followed the bootable media tutorial to make a fog usb, after solving the vesamenu.c32 problem i was able to registrate a computer, but when i try to upload a image the usb will just show the normal fog menu.
    i have confirmed that the problem is from the usb by trying it at home, uploading and deploying images works fine from the pxe, but booting from the usb only gives me the fog menu
    my usb root folder has fog/ syslinux.cfg vesamenu.c32, am i missing something?

  • Developer

    The proxyDHCP service added from the dnsmasq, only doles out ip addresses when booting the pxe information. Any ip address given to the machine is temporary and will be removed when it moves from the pxe boot screen, i hope this will help to appease the higher ups.

    Tom is correct, there currently aren’t any downloads for a USB version of FOG, however Tom and I recently helped someone to do something similar… [url][/url]

    He wanted do do EVERYTHING from the usb drive almost like the usb drive was a mobile fog server. I feel it’s better to have a server as you can store a number of images and revisions of those images and you can deploy/revert to them at any time, I only feel a USB option would be acceptable if you had only one make an model of a machine, or a golden image for ALL machines in your area.

    I personally, don’t feel that the USB option is that good of an option… if I want to carry a device with me I would go back to using clonezilla.

  • the proxydhcp solution worked wonderfully, we already imaged almost 200 computers, thank you very much

  • I don’t have one personally, and I’ve never had one. I’ve read, but can’t find it right now, that it has been done. I just don’t remember what it was called. I think Kevin (community manager) had something posted dealing with this sort of thing. I don’t think there was a downloadable file to do this, but I think it gave enough instruction on how to do such a thing.

  • great, i’ll look into the the proxyDHCP

    btw is it possible to download a pre built fog usb file?

  • I can assure you it works perfectly fine, but there are other options to enable PXE boot within your network without having to install DHCP server or even tweak the options 66/67 on the Windows DHCP Server scopes. You can use dnsmasq in a proxyDHCP setup.

  • thank you for the quick response,

    i was unable to convince the higher ups, they are afraid that this may cause problems on our network, i have tried using fog for dhcp(which works in my home network) but it doesnt work at job(likely because we have a windows dhcp server)

  • Registering systems will work, but the taskings page only generates a PXE File. I don’t know that the same methods will work. Why don’t you have DHCP where you work? Can you install the DHCP server tools on your FOG Server?