Fog deploying acronis tib images

  • Hi, i have been reading about this and there is mixed information.
    Can someone advise if FOG is able to deploy acronis tib images?
    If not, can we somehow convert the tib images to a format that FOG can deploy.
    If no to both, is it possible to implement in the near future?
    Thank you

  • Developer

    You could always use Acronis to load an image on a machine (register it to FOG and load your image from Acronis) but BEFORE booting the OS (that way you won’t have to sysprep again), upload the image to FOG. This would make an exact copy of your current set up and load it to the FOG server in a format it can understand.

    I realize that this is very cumbersome if you have multiple images, but it is a work around 🙂

  • I will look into this and get back to you.

  • What does acronis use for cloning disks?

    If it’s partimage, we’re probably out of luck. If it’s partclone, we’re probably in luck except I’d need to know details like compression or what not.