FOG PXE Boot Menu Configuration page

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    Interface tweak
    not sure if this should be considered a bug, or a feature request, but the “FOG PXE Boot Menu Configuration” page always reverts to defaults. It would be a nice feature if the page would display what Advanced Configuration Options have already been set, and not make you reenter all them every time you want to make a change, as well as not require the password be set every time.

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    i may have messed up the formatting of the ipxe boot menu when i sent it to you last. here’s what should be in the php file.
    note: the first line ipxe sees must be #!ipxe


  • So I’ve attempted the chain load. It doesn’t present the menu to me, but it does jump to iPXE. Am I missing something?

    I’ve removed the ISO files and am currently only testing the menu generation, no actual loading point.

  • I will look into this when I get home. I’m sorry I had other work to do as we’ll. thank you much for the info though.

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    let me know if my instructions are not clear enough, or i’m missing something.

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  • What do you mean, another user?

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    maybe if i upload them as a text file…


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    i keep trying to give a detailed reply but keep getting blocked by akismet

  • Yes please PM with with how you chainloaded to ipxe and that relevant information. One of our holdups is efi pxe booting so this is rather an intriguing approach. We can discuss logic and layout as well.

    I’m very interested!

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    I’ve been thinking about the pxe configuration file situation, and i’ve come up with a very interesting solution that you will either love or hate. it adds a new feature to fog as well. if we chainboot from pxe to ipxe, the configuration file can be a php file. the computer booting would send it’s mac address (and any other variables you want such as asset tag, serial number, or UUID). this could even free fog from it’s dependance on mac addresses for identifying hosts. the host would boot to ipxe, fog could check the identification info sent for pending tasks, and generate the relevant boot configuration on the fly. the fog server could even be set to automatically run quick host registration on any unrecognized hosts, which could speed up initial deployment of fog servers. thoughts? i’ve been experimenting with this approach, but my php skills aren’t very good. i do have pxe to ipxe chainbooting, with a ipxe php boot menu for http booting isos working at the moment, so i could tell you how to get that part working.

  • Junkhacker,

    No problem on the work. I enjoy it, maybe too much?

    I’ll look into, basically, reading the file in a separate window that basically has the generated file. The only issue I foresee is permissions as everything is php based. We’d need to add the grouping of fog into the apache group which could pose security issues down the road. Well, more that’s for saving the file if you made a manual edit.

    I do agree that editing the file on the fly would be kind of handy, just didn’t want to make that change quite yet.

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    ah, misunderstood. so, would it be difficult to propagate all of the fields of the configuration page with the existing values in pxelinux.0/default ? at present, the only way to check for typos or mistakes in the configuration is to test it or log into the server to look at the file. being able to look at the actual configuration on the configuration page would be very nice.
    btw, thanks for all your hard work on fog project

  • The master password is required at the least. All the others are allowed to be mull, but not that one.

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    i guess i should have checked, but assumed that when the page gave me a “Master password is null” message that it was an operation failure message. perhaps the Master password field should have a (blank for none) message like the others, instead of the asterisk that implies it is required.

  • The advanced options displayed or hidden should be easy enough.

    The reason for the password having to be entered is because you may not want a password on the menu’s. If you don’t want a password there, just enter the master password and submit. If you do want a password, then it will update the password.