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    My company is currently looking at using FOG for our images. However, we already use port 66 for our VOIP phones. Changing the port information will mess up the phones throughout the company. Is there any other alternative method to using FOG as an imaging tool?


  • The VOIP phones do run on the same subnet as the network. I just made it an isolated network.


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    That’s about the same I was going to say.

    Does your VoIP phones run on the same subnet as the rest of your network?

    If not, for the scopes NOT dealing with VoIP, you can still set the option 66/67 elements and things will still work.

    If they are on the same subnet, you may have to separate the FOG Server and clients when you need to image.

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    I know this is not an answer but it really is ideal to have VOIP phones and their server on at least a different VLAN, if not an entirely separated network.

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