• I’ve added 2 different machines so far. One is Windows 7 and the other is Windows 8.1. Both machines are on the domain, and both can be pinged using either ip or hostname, but fog continues to say “Invalid hostname” on the Host Management Screen, next to each device.

    I’m using version 0.33B (downloaded on 1/31).

    Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting?

  • Ok, I got it updated. Thanks for all the help. Everything looks great now!

  • If you installed subversion and still have the folder created for this, cd into the trunk part of the folder:
    [code]cd ~/trunk/
    svn update
    cd bin

    It will only update files as needed.

    Specifically, If you installed all the packages by hand just copy the packages/web/* to the fog web directory.
    All that will be updated is files, no data will be touched (database, images)

  • I don’t really want to run a clean install. Is it worth the effort to set up the subversion client? I’ve already installed subversion, but my install of fog was originally, manually installed.

  • Developer

    download the latest revision, navigate to the “bin” folder via command line


    and run sudo ./installfog.sh

    part of the installation script looks for existing installs and runs the update.

    If you wanted to run a full clean install, you would need to remove (or rename) the folders fog uses in the file system, then run the installer again.

  • Ok, Thanks!

    How do I go about updating? I have limited experience with linux.

  • I found the issues and fixed them.

    r1186 released to address this.

  • Do you know, specifically, which revision you were on?

  • Yes. The red circle with the black exclamation point in it… See Attached Image.


  • Are you talking about the ping? Can you provide a snapshot?