Really choppy image upload and deployment

  • First off I am running fog in Hyper-V on Ubuntu Server - for some reason the first few upload tests I did worked fine with no issues the last few I have been trying to upload from Windows 7 (Hyper-V also) the upload is extremely choppy going in bursts where it moves data fine then stops for a bit then another burst. This makes my images take forever almost an hour for a 10 GB image.

    Is this because I am doing this in Hyper-V? Is there something else I’m missing or missed? Any help would be great. [ATTACH=full]486[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]487[/ATTACH]


  • Also is this on upload or download tasks it is important

  • To me this sounds like something on your network bringing down the speed of the network to the related host/vm

  • Bumping again.

    I just switched to a Poweredge 2950 and it’s doing the same exact thing. Any ideas?

    The new server is Hyper-V 2012 with a Gen1 VM running SVN FOG on Ubuntu 12.04. 2GB and 2 CPUs allocated to the VM.

  • D’oh, forgot that. 1.2.0 now, but I was on the latest SVN (2403 or whatever it is). Both have the same issue.

  • Developer

    3MB/s seems pretty slow. also what version of fog are you running?

  • Just a quick update, I switched over to VMWare Workstation and it’s doing the same exact thing. The only difference is it’s much faster. It went from 2-3mb/s up to 6mb/s.

  • I hope I’m allowed to bump an old thread, but I am experiencing the same exact issue.

    I just updated to the latest SVN, made sure I had the latest bzImage and undionly.kpxe and it doesn’t make a difference. There is about 10-15 seconds of an upload at around 3MB/s and then like 15 seconds of no data transfer.

    Both the PXE server and the machine I am trying to upload are running in Hyper-V.

    PXE server is Ubuntu 13.10 with 2GB of RAM and 2 processor cores
    Windows 7 image is being uploaded with 2GB of RAM and 2 processor cores
    Server is a Proliant ML350G5 with a RAID 1 on two 750gb drives and the RAID card has a BBU. 2 Xeon quad core CPUs.

    Need anything else?

  • Based on the screenshot, my guess is your VM only has one CPU allocated to it. Try giving it a couple more CPU’s if you can, and see if that helps you out.

  • Doesn’t seem to have helped. Same issue and when it isn’t paused it is only going at 300 MiB/min - when it starts for the first 2% or so it goes over 1 GiB/min then it hit’s its first freeze and goes downhill. Maybe it’s an issue with Hyper-V more than FOG though.

  • Possibly, but try a different kernel. I’ve been adding a lot of stuff to my kernels and have seen this choppy bit off and on now and again. Now, with my latest kernel, where I work my VM’s actually transfer in the 4.5GB (yes with Vsphere Client on a 5.1 ESXi Host.) But the principle should still work here.