Notebooks doesn't connect to FOG Server

  • Hello everyone

    I set up a fog server on a notebook (just to test how it works) with a tutorial, and if I connect the fog server-notebook with other notebooks on a switch, I can reach the management-page of the fog-server from every device. But if I then boot a notebook with pxe, they cannot find the fog server.

    Can someone help me with that problem? I have to say that I don’t know much about the fog server or Ubuntu. What did I do wrong?

    *Notebooks DON’T connect

  • SITD,

    I could tell we had a language barrier.
    From what you have stated the apache web server portion of your fog server is working fine.
    I am going to share a document with you that I created doing Fog builds.
    [url]!3025&authkey=!ANdUmaAeiDiSFk8&ithint=file%2C.docx[/url] It takes you step by step through a fog build.
    I am not sure with English not being your primary language if it will help at all.
    Keep us posted and we will keep doing our best to help you get this project done.

  • SITD,

    I’d recommend uninstalling fog using this: [url][/url]

    After you’re done uninstalling perform a re-install.

    During installation, don’t have a network cable attached to the system, create an IP Address for your system. (Maybe leave the DNS IP Address empty. Use the ip address for gateway/router IP Address. During the install, say yes to install DHCP server.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • What I meant is that if I boot from the harddisk of any laptop and I’m connected with the switch where the fogserver is connected I can go on the page I didn’t changed any settings or added a host. It’s true, I don’t reach the PXE-Boot screen, it just reads “DHCP…”. What exactly do you need now and where can I find what you need?

    P.S. I’m sorry if my English isn’t as polite as it should be, I’m still learning English^^ (German is my main language)

  • When you said this in your original post, “I can reach the management-page of the fog-server from every device.”
    I took that as you could reach your fog management page from your laptops.
    It is somewhat difficult to help you with the limited information we have to work with. So sorry if we are fishing for more information in order to help you.
    [SIZE=3]If your fog server is up and running and setup properly[/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=3], you should be able to boot the notebooks to the short 3 second menu. If you can not get this PXE boot screen, then we need more data from you about your network and your fog server. I am about to head into work so I will check back on this post when I get near my fog server. Can you post the IP address information from your fog server and the notebooks you are trying to PXE boot for me?[/SIZE][IMG][/IMG][/SIZE]

  • What do you mean? I could never connect a laptop to the fog server. I followed a tutorial in the internet and they didn’t show that i have to set something in the Host Management Page

  • SITD,
    can you post a screenshot of the Host Management page of one of your laptops that you are attempting to PXE boot from?
    It should contain information like Host Name:, MAC address:, Host Image, and the Host OS.

  • No they don’t have to be on the same network, they can have their own.

  • First,

    Is this going to be a segregated setup? Meaning, does your FOG Server and notebooks need to be on the same network as your main system? Or can you get around with just the FOG Server and notebooks, essentially, on their own network?

  • I get an error “dnsmasq found junk in command line”. What does that mean?

  • Developer

    Now we are expunging some information.

    If you are not working with the IT group (they would know where the DHCP server is and what options to change) I would use the proxy DHCP service, this way your network isn’t altered and in order to “fix” any problems that arise by adding a server to your network, could be fixed by turning off the server.

  • I’m a student with 2 notebooks and a switch, nothing more. I have to do this for a project in my school.

  • Developer

    Are you not the IT person of your building?

    What kind of an Environment do you have? Novell? Active Directory?

    We can’t tell you what your DHCP server is, we can only speculate. If you didn’t set up the DHCP server and you don’t have access to change the settings then use the link in the post above, it will allow you to use a FOG server without editing the configuration of your DHCP.

    My environment is a Novell Environment, unfortunately, and I use a program called DNSDHCP to attach to my server tree and I can edit my DNS, and DHCP information for each building within the tool.

    Under the correct building I edited option 66 and option 67 to point to my fog server, and my boot file pxelinux.0. This solved some of the problem but not all of it. Using the link above I set up DNSmasq and used the proxy dhcp service to serve my clients, that way my entire network is not ruined when I remove my fog server.

  • Where can I find the DHCP Server? I did not set up such a server by myself.

  • Developer

    If you can not access your DHCP server, there is a work around called Proxy DHCP -> [url][/url]

  • Actually I don’t know anything about a DHCP server or any other server there could be. I’ll try the whole thing again with the tutorial of Jaymes Driver

  • Developer

    It depends on how you serve your DHCP ip addresses. Are you doing that from fog or do you have another sever? Probably a windows server that doles out IP addresses.

    You need to edit the configuration on the DHCP server to accept the “Next Server” or “TFTP Boot Server” (Option 66 = your fog server ip address) and Boot File name (Option 67 = pxelinux.0).

    Be advised there are known issues with Ubuntu 12.04 and the tftp server.

    My recommendation -> [url][/url]

  • Well,

    If I’m understanding the setup properly, you’ve (possibly) installed fog without DHCP Server, however as systems boot, they already have a valid IP Address.

    This means, you likely have a dhcp server, somewhere. Maybe Windows Server as a DHCP server?

    You’ll likely need to point the options 66 and 67 to look at your fog server.

  • Ubunto 12.04 is the OS.

    Can you tell me more about that DHCP thing? I didn’t do anything with DHCP, so probably there is the problem. What do I have to do exactly?

  • Developer

    Did you set up your DHCP client to point to the fog server by editing Option 66 & 67?

    What Ubuntu OS are you running? Did you reboot the server?