Set mysql password after installation

  • Hello,

    i didn´t set the mysql password during the fog-installation on ubunt 12.04. How can i set it now?

  • Moderator

    after you add a root password to mysql, read the wiki article on updating FOG to use the new password when accessing the database, otherwise FOG may quit working until you update the config files.

  • Senior Developer

    If you’re trying to add a password to your non-passworded mysql use this command:

    [code]mysqladmin -u root password ‘PASSWORD’[/code]

    Of course change PASSWORD with your password. If you’re going to use special characters such as !@#$%^&*() You’ll need the quotes.

    If you’re trying to change a password to a passworded mysql use this command:
    [code]mysqladmin -u root -p’OLDPASSWORD’ password ‘NEWPASSWORD’[/code]

    Changing OLDPASSWORD and NEWPASSWORD to their respective passwords.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hello Warrender,

    Are you trying to set the password for the mysql database or does your mysql database already have a password and you are trying to configure FOG to work with that password?

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