Hanging after choosing registration

  • From the main menu, when I hit either quick or full registration, it will hang (see image).
    Any ideas?
    This is an HP Z230 Workstation. I have imaged other pc’s and laptops fine…this is the first one that’s given me trouble.
    [IMG]http://fogproject.org/forum/C:\Users\asantos\Desktop\DATA\fog error.jpg[/IMG]

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/452_Fog error.JPG?:"]Fog error.JPG[/url]

  • Tom’s original suggestion worked for me with my Z230, but I had to change a little typo I guess. I had to capitalize the “I” in bzimage for the destination as well as choose the 32 bit kernel suggested by Jaymes. The following worked for me. Sorry if this has already been resolved in another thread.

    [CODE]sudo cp /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage.orig
    sudo wget --no-check-certificate -O /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage https://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/bzImage32[/CODE]

    Thanks Guys!

  • Developer

    The storage server is actually down right now.

    You can download the kernel from


  • I am getting a “403 Forbidden” error when awaiting response to the HTTP request.


  • I don’t plan on recompiling anytime until they finally release 3.13.7. Almost two weeks since the last kernel release.

    To copy it directly from your FOG server (assuming it has outside internet access) you use the commands as root on the server box:
    [code]cd /tftpboot/fog/kernel
    mv bzImage bzImage_orig.2014MAR20
    wget -O bzImage https://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/bzImage32

  • Developer

    [quote=“Gary Kulovics, post: 24525, member: 2982”]Hello Tom and Jaymes
    When I try to install the file it is downloaded as a DOS/Windows executable (application/x-ms-dos-executable) Why is that
    What am I doing wrong Any haelp would be great

    Try downloading the file on your server, not on a windows box. There is no extension it’s not bzImage32.zip or anything it is only bzImage32

    Windows may have difficulty acquiring the file. I know my windows box wants to download the file as a .txt however the file isn’t encoded any differently, you should be able to download it in whatever flavor windows wants, just remember to drop the extension when you copy it to your linux box. OR you can do as I suggested and completely circumvent the Windows and download it straight to the server.

  • Hello Tom and Jaymes
    When I try to install the file it is downloaded as a DOS/Windows executable (application/x-ms-dos-executable) Why is that
    What am I doing wrong Any haelp would be great

  • Hello Tom and Jaymes. I’m experiencing the same problem as Alex, but with a Dell Latitude E5440 series. I can inventory and image other models without any problems. The inventory and image of the latitude 5440 locks up FOG. I tried Tom’s suggestion about trying another kernel. I tried both the 32bit and 64bit, but unfortunately neither fixed the problem. Does anyone have another idea or option I can try. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Really sorry for not getting back to this. We were in such a time-crunch with this PC that we ended up just manually setting it up.
    We will be getting more of these HP Z230 Workstation here pretty soon, so I’ll be able to give some of your suggestions a try. Hopefully then I won’t have so many bosses breathing down my neck for them to get out. haha!
    In the meantime, thanks so much for your feedback.

  • Developer

    Did you try another kernel as Tom suggested?

    I would use this link now though the one he has listed is the 64bit Kernel now.


  • Any progress on this issue?

  • Thanks Tom! I got pulled away from this so I may not get to it until next week, but I’ll give it a try!
    I’ll let you know how it goes!


  • I’d start with trying another kernel.

    [code]sudo cp /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage.orig
    sudo wget --no-check-certificate -O /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzimage https://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/bzImage[/code]

    The commands above will copy your original kernel as a backup under the name bzImage.orig, and the second one will get the kernel 3.12.4 I’ve created.