• How can I add ‘Primary User’, tag1 from Inventory to Host list on Host list page? I am new to php.

  • Tom,
    I followed your advice. I was able to get ‘PrimaryUser’ label on the Host list but I do not know enough about PHP. I inserted sql in there but stiil could not get data from inventory table. I am learning php, I hope that will help.
    Thank you,

  • Tom,

    Thank you for the quick replay. I will try out tomorrow. I will let to you know, if that work or not.
    Thank you once more.


  • Looking into this, it’s not easy, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

    You have to first, edit the {fogwebdir}/management/includes/hosts.list.include.php to add the Column Names.

    Add the following lines after line 23:
    [php] <td width=“120”><?php print _(‘Primary User’); ?></td>
    <td width=“120”><?php print _(‘Tag 1’); ?></td> [/php]

    Then you’ll have to edit the {fogwebdir}/management/ajax/host.search.php.

    Add the following lines after line 95:
    [php] <td>’ . $item[‘pu’] . ‘</td>
    <td>’ . $item[‘tag1’] . '</td>[/php]

    Then you’ll want to set the $item[‘pu’] and $item[‘tag1’] to pull the information that matches the current host id from the inventory table.

    Way more work than I’m willing to get into now.

  • It is Fog .32 and on Ubuntu 12.04.

  • Is this for FOG 0.32 or FOG 0.33b? Just wondering.

  • Jaymes,
    Thank you for the replay.

    I went through the FOG FORUM and FOG USER Guide but could not find the answer. I know I have to change the php file but do not know which file & how to.

    Yes, I like to display Primary Users and Tag1 on the Host List on the web GUI + HOST Name, IP,MAC.

    Thank you,

  • Developer

    Are you asking how you would display this information on the Host List on the FOG web GUI?

    Your question is very vague, please elaborate.