• I am deploying a new lab for our CAD program and I am not able to get a image created. When I go to upload the image it hangs during resizing partition then I keep getting a timeout error. This happens when I have the image type set to Single Partition (NTFS only, Resizable). I have found that if I set the image type to Multiple Partition Image - Single disk (Not Resizable) it will upload the image. The issue with this one is that when we deploy it out I get a MBR error at bootup and have not been able to repair it. We have about 75 images already but this is our first X64. Has any one come across issues with 64 bit images and is there a way to work around it?

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 20134, member: 7271”]Are you running FOGPrep before uploading your images?[/quote]Yes! I am doing the exact same process that I do for all of my X86 images. I decided to try another computer to make sure that it was just not that certain model. I took my ultrabook that is 64 bit and tried to creat an image and I get the same thing so I know it is not those machines or that install of windows 7.

  • 64 bits shouldn’t be an issue, as it has nothing to do with the partition table. However, I’d say the issue might be more around UEFI/GPT rather than that?

  • Are you running FOGPrep before uploading your images?

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 20090, member: 7271”]What version of FOG are you using?[/quote]0.29

  • What version of FOG are you using?