Using bridged network adapter with Fog server

  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone has managed to bridge two network adapters together with Fog in order to decrease the imaging time. At the moment we only have a entry level D-link switch, so imaging takes a while. If it is possible would this make a difference in any case?:eek:

  • Are you multicasting or imaging using the unicast?

  • Sounds like something else is wrong, at those speeds you should be barely be over 20% network load on a uncompressed image.
    A problem can be that your harddrive spends to much time seeking since it might need to read up to 12 different places at the same time. You might be able to get better performance if you start them at nearly the same time (try pause if one computer gets to far ahed before the other starts).

  • Hi Kevin, thanks for the quick reply. We are planning on upgrading to a Cisco 3690G sometime in the near future. Yes it is a gigabit switch. At our current configuration imaging 12 computers with a 30 GB image takes roughly 4-5 hours.

  • Trunking ports would make it go faster, however, the router/switch would need to support this. If you have an entry level D-link switch, more than likely it’s not supported. Is your switch a gigabit switch? If it’s not, that’ll be an easy upgrade to go and purchase a new one. If it is, and you would still like it to go faster, I would look into a business class switch that would need to support IEEE 802.3ad.